Creative Date Ideas – The Lockdown Version

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1. Escape for a walk

We’re still good to leave our house once a day for daily exercise at the moment. Go out together and use the time to chat, reconnect, joke, dream, plan.

We did this as a family the other day and took the camera too. We took some great photos and made some lovely memories.

2. Plan a screen-free dinner

Ditch the screens for a night and spend the time together talking, playing games, dreaming about the future…

3. Go on a Virtual Tour together

Although many museums, art centers, theatres, and attractions are closed at the moment, some places have free virtual tours to explore from the comfort of your sofa. Find a list here:

4. Start a board game tournament

There’s no limits to how many evenings, how many different games, and how many rounds your own personal board game tournament will span. If you love board games, this one can provide entertainment for weeks!

5. Read aloud to each other

This is one that Ryan and I absolutely love! Usually our tastes in books are quite different, but there are certain topics that we both really enjoy. A couple of years ago we made the decision to literally read books that we’re both interested in aloud, to each other. Our current read is Henry Marsh’s Do No Harm, the memoires of a brain surgeon. So good!

6. Hold your own in-house wine (whiskey/gin/ale/…) tasting session

Pick a few different types of your favourite poison and pretend to be experts for a night! Additional points for using as much jargon as possible.

7. Have a cook off with random ingredients

If your cupboards look anything like ours, you’ll likely have a random supply of ingredients at hand at the moment. How about blindly selecting some and then cooking a feast for the other person? Points for taste, presentation, and creativity.