Christmas In Love

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Every year we enjoy, or endure, the carting out of the favourite Christmas songs.  They help us get into the mood, some remind us of more poignant values around the festive season, others are just wacky and fun to sing along to.  What is clear though, is that rarely does a new Christmas song come on the market that grabs your attention or makes you think you’ll listen to it more than once.

That trend can be broken.  Coventry Artist, Alix Original has written a song called ‘Christmas in Love’.  The song calls us to think of those we love and value most during the holiday period.  The video, shot by our very own Ryan Ormes, portrays the story of Alfred and his yearning to tell Enid of his love for her.  The video to this song takes us on a journey of the lengths taken by Alfred to share his love before Enid goes away on distant travels.  It’s a story that draws us in, that makes us excited and gives us that warm feeling.

It has been great to be involved in the release of ‘Christmas In Love’, it really seems that the song and the video have captured people’s attention.  If you want to capture someone’s attention, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  The ability of an image or video to tell a story is incredible.

Merry Christmas

Steve (Ops Manager, Ryan&Sara Photography)