New York to London – photos from the sky!

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Travel | No Comments

When does your holiday start?  Is it when you’ve unpacked and settle down to relax?  Is it when you’re relaxing on the beach listening the the calm sound of the waves?  Or maybe its when you’ve arrived at the airport and you see the flight as something to be enjoyed?

Its with the last scenario that we bring this blog post.  Recently on our travels to the US for a wedding, we decided to take in this part of the holiday on our journey back.  Often you see people get on the plane, put headphones on and forget about where they are.  Yet when you are hundreds of miles up in the air, you can see such glistening beauty.

Take a look a these pictures, and maybe next time you’re off on your holidays – decide to enjoy it from the moment you leave your house :)