Hi there, welcome to our page! We’re Ryan and Sara, and we love family, friends, photography and weddings… this is why we do what we do!

Ryan was born in England, Sara was born in Switzerland — and we met in New York.  We currently live in Ryan’s home town of Coventry. In 2017 we welcomed our beautiful little firstborn, Max. Two years later in 2019 little Bennett joined our tribe.

We love to travel regularly and take in the sites of many wonderful countries.

You’ll find out more when we meet up, but before then and so you can arrive feeling like you know us a little:

Ryan is a night owl – Sara is an early bird
Sara eats swede and parsnip – Ryan doesn’t even consider them food
Sara speaks 5 languages – Ryan speaks 1.5 (he is learning so that he can converse in Sara’s mother tongue)
Sara is a musician – Ryan likes to listen
Ryan is the artist – Sara is the CEO
Ryan loves weddings – Sara does too
Ryan likes gadgets – Sara does too but only if they’re pretty

We both love shooting weddings together and feel that as a married couple we can provide the best service.  We understand different aspects of the wedding and how to best capture these. 

Weddings are not just about the parts that everyone sees, they’re also about those ‘unseen’ moments that show the joy and emotion of the day—both these aspects are important and we seek to capture both in a relaxed and authentic manner.