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As I was waiting this morning for our Adobe Lightroom photo editing software to update (needing to do updates seems to be a regular occurrence in the life of a photographer), I was scrolling through some recent engagement photo shoots we have done. And I was struck by how different they all were!

From an outdoor shoot in a country park, to a wild paint bomb fight in front of graffiti, or an urban shoot in central Birmingham – the situations couldn’t have been any different. And all that within the span of a month and a half!

The other thing that occurred to me though was that none of the photos seemed staged or arranged or out of character. They just seem to fit.

Interestingly, I don’t think that happens by accident. People often ask us – Is there anything you need us to wear? – a question we then answer with – Whatever you’re comfortable in! We believe people look best when their relaxed, happy, and themselves.

This all made me realise why I love engagement shoots so much – their personality! It brings out the personality of the couple, and their quirks and strengths  so well.

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