We met Steffan & Lizzie on a bright and bitter cold winter’s day just outside Coventry. The air was clean and brisk and the low winter sun soaked everything in a golden light. As always. we didn’t look to pose the pictures, but rather gave them some guidance on what to do, e.g. walking, sitting down and talking, tell each other a silly joke, etc.

The we went on to capture the moments and laughs that happened afterwards. It was such a beautiful afternoon with lots of laughter and talking, and we really enjoyed getting to know Lizzie & Steffan ahead of their big day. Enjoy the resulting photos below, and if you want to know more about our pre-wedding shoots, just send us an email here: Contact



The scenery on that day was so beautiful and the field we were in felt incredibly wide and open! We absolutely loved the contrast between the cold blue sky, and the coppery warmth of the field.

We tried to recreate the feeling by keeping a lot of the sky in the photo  Рsometimes different framing can make a standard shot much more striking.



We love this photo! We couldn’t resist getting the sheep somehow included, and it’s a little window in how the whole shoot looked and felt that day.

Context shots are a lovely way to frame the shoot, so we always look out for them. It’s a nice way to keep the memories alive!