Snow and Gemma’s wedding could simply be described as a beautiful display of all the things they are passionate about. Don’t mind if we share, do you? Good, because it was lovely.
First, other people: The day was filled with people from up and down the country, and we’ve rarely seen a couple that (on their wedding day!) put so much effort into making everyone present feel special, appreciated and loved.
Second, their jobs. Gemma, a totally committed and fully passionate primary school teacher made sure her kids got to take part in the day. There was the school choir singing during the service, a blackboard at the reception for the seating plan, and the kids had drawn artwork for every single table too. Andy, an equally committed environmental officer, had devotedly grown the flower arrangements that framed the entrance of the church himself, defying wind, weather and every challenge nature decided to throw at him in the process.
Third, travelling. For the wedding breakfast, every table was assigned a country that Andy and Gemma had travelled to together; with the jet-setters they are, it is needless to say they had plenty of places to pick from.
And last but not least, each other. This one doesn’t need a big description, it was just plain obvious, in the nicest possible way.


Coventry Photographer-27

Wedding Photography Meridan

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Wedding Photography Meridan

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Stitched Panorama

Wedding Photography Meridan

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Wedding Photography Meridan

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Stitched Panorama

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