It’s a great honour to shoot a wedding in general. But shooting the wedding of two our favourite people who we are doing life together with is something very special. We’ve certainly been moved by some of these pictures during the editing process. Enjoy everyone!

D&K Wedding-1-2D&K Wedding-1 D&K Wedding-2 D&K Wedding-3 D&K Wedding-4 D&K Wedding-5 D&K Wedding-6 D&K Wedding-7 D&K Wedding-8 D&K Wedding-9 D&K Wedding-10 D&K Wedding-11 D&K Wedding-12 D&K Wedding-13 D&K Wedding-14 D&K Wedding-15 D&K Wedding-16 D&K Wedding-17 D&K Wedding-18 D&K Wedding-19 D&K Wedding-20 D&K Wedding-21 D&K Wedding-22 D&K Wedding-23 D&K Wedding-24 D&K Wedding-25 D&K Wedding-26 D&K Wedding-27 D&K Wedding-28 D&K Wedding-29 D&K Wedding-30 D&K Wedding-31 D&K Wedding-32 D&K Wedding-33 D&K Wedding-34 D&K Wedding-35 D&K Wedding-36 D&K Wedding-37 D&K Wedding-38D&K Wedding-39 D&K Wedding-40 D&K Wedding-41 D&K Wedding-42 D&K Wedding-43 D&K Wedding-44 D&K Wedding-45 D&K Wedding-46 D&K Wedding-47 D&K Wedding-48 D&K Wedding-49 D&K Wedding-50 D&K Wedding-51 D&K Wedding-52 D&K Wedding-53 D&K Wedding-54 D&K Wedding-55 D&K Wedding-56 D&K Wedding-57 D&K Wedding-58 D&K Wedding-59 D&K Wedding-60 D&K Wedding-61 D&K Wedding-62 D&K Wedding-63 D&K Wedding-64 D&K Wedding-65 D&K Wedding-66 D&K Wedding-67 D&K Wedding-68 D&K Wedding-69 D&K Wedding-70 D&K Wedding-71 D&K Wedding-72 D&K Wedding-73 D&K Wedding-74 D&K Wedding-75 D&K Wedding-76 D&K Wedding-77 D&K Wedding-78 D&K Wedding-79 D&K Wedding-80 D&K Wedding-81 D&K Wedding-82 D&K Wedding-83 D&K Wedding-84 D&K Wedding-85 D&K Wedding-86 D&K Wedding-87 D&K Wedding-88 D&K Wedding-89 D&K Wedding-90 D&K Wedding-91 D&K Wedding-92 D&K Wedding-93 D&K Wedding-94 D&K Wedding-95 D&K Wedding-96 D&K Wedding-97 D&K Wedding-98 D&K Wedding-99 D&K Wedding-100 D&K Wedding-101 D&K Wedding-102 D&K Wedding-103 D&K Wedding-104 D&K Wedding-105 D&K Wedding-106 D&K Wedding-107 D&K Wedding-108 D&K Wedding-109 D&K Wedding-110 D&K Wedding-111 D&K Wedding-112 D&K Wedding-113 D&K Wedding-114 D&K Wedding-115 D&K Wedding-116 D&K Wedding-117 D&K Wedding-118 D&K Wedding-119 D&K Wedding-120 D&K Wedding-121 D&K Wedding-122 D&K Wedding-123 D&K Wedding-124 D&K Wedding-125 D&K Wedding-126 D&K Wedding-127 D&K Wedding-128 D&K Wedding-129 D&K Wedding-130 D&K Wedding-131 D&K Wedding-132 D&K Wedding-134 D&K Wedding-135 D&K Wedding-136 D&K Wedding-137 D&K Wedding-138 D&K Wedding-139 D&K Wedding-140 D&K Wedding-141 D&K Wedding-142 D&K Wedding-143 D&K Wedding-144 D&K Wedding-145 D&K Wedding-146 D&K Wedding-147 D&K Wedding-148 D&K Wedding-149 D&K Wedding-150 D&K Wedding-151 D&K Wedding-152 D&K Wedding-153




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