28 June

And relax…

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“I’m not very comfortable with having my photo taken…” is something we hear so often when we meet with couples who are getting married and are looking for wedding photographers.   Believe me, we get it! For most of us, being in front of the camera is a vulnerable place.   And especially since we’re […]

31 January

10 Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas

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10 Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas

I don’t know about you, but the return of the Bake Off this week seems to have seriously triggered my sweet tooth! Being almost 7 months pregnant (and quite ravenous these days) might be another reason… but I might not be the only one who loves cake at the moment, so in this instance I […]

15 March


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As I was waiting this morning for our Adobe Lightroom photo editing software to update (needing to do updates seems to be a regular occurrence in the life of a photographer), I was scrolling through some recent engagement photo shoots we have done. And I was struck by how different they all were! From an outdoor […]

27 September

It’s personal.

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Over the last few years “documentary style” has become a bit of a buzz word in wedding photography. The idea of an unobtrusive photographer who stays completely in the background and only documents the day as it happens has of course its obvious perks; it seems like the most relaxed photography experience ever, as the […]