28 June

And relax…

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“I’m not very comfortable with having my photo taken…” is something we hear so often when we meet with couples who are getting married and are looking for wedding photographers.   Believe me, we get it! For most of us, being in front of the camera is a vulnerable place.   And especially since we’re […]

10 May

Creative Date Ideas

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Creative Date Ideas

  This year in August, Ryan and I have the joy of celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s crazy to think that we’ve spent the last decade together – moving countries, establishing a business, renovating a house and, more recently, raising our beautiful little boy together.   Although it’s been a while, I remember […]

7 March

How do some people always look good on photographs?

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As professional photographers, we get this question or a variation of this question all the time. The truth is you could probably add to the end of it – for most of us – “and how do I do it?”   What we usually tell people is exactly what we’re gonna tell you now. Headline: […]

22 July

What’s most important when it comes to wedding planning?

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What’s most important when it comes to wedding planning?

When you’re planning to get married, you have a general idea of what’s important, but you don’t truly know what to expect about your day.  Friends might inform you of their experience and you gain some insight, but you still haven’t got the true picture for yourself.  This was me 10 months ago, having proposed […]