28 July

1 Year On

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A year ago, we had the privilege of flying out to New York for the wedding of some close friends of ours – Jeremiah and Janie. Their anniversary was yesterday and we wanted to mark the occasion by pulling out these pictures of our meeting in London a few weeks after they got married. Jeremiah […]

13 April

One Big Family at the Farm

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Had a wonderful day with a really fun family a few weeks ago. the weather was nice, the kids never stayed still and everybody had fun. You can see the results below… enjoy [vimeo 91847830]

15 October

The humble 85mm F1.8 – probably my favourite lens

As a wedding photographer I am lucky enough to do what I love on a pretty regular basis. Regularly enough, in fact to know quite specifically what I love the most. And that is roaming around with a fast prime lens and a room full of opportunity/photographs (I apologise at this point if I appear […]