31 August

10 Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas

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10 Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas

I don’t know about you, but the return of the Bake Off this week seems to have seriously triggered my sweet tooth! Being almost 7 months pregnant (and quite ravenous these days) might be another reason… but I might not be the only one who loves cake at the moment, so in this instance I […]

15 March


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As I was waiting this morning for our Adobe Lightroom photo editing software to update (needing to do updates seems to be a regular occurrence in the life of a photographer), I was scrolling through some recent engagement photo shoots we have done. And I was struck by how different they all were! From an outdoor […]

22 July

What’s most important when it comes to wedding planning?

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What’s most important when it comes to wedding planning?

When you’re planning to get married, you have a general idea of what’s important, but you don’t truly know what to expect about your day.  Friends might inform you of their experience and you gain some insight, but you still haven’t got the true picture for yourself.  This was me 10 months ago, having proposed […]

23 March

The Joy of Weddings

We are fortunate to have the privilege of shooting weddings, you get to spend time with people that are at their happiest – capturing that moment for them to enjoy forever.  The excitement that you share with the couple when you meet with them, the love displayed in their engagement shoot and then the accumulation […]

23 December

Christmas In Love

Every year we enjoy, or endure, the carting out of the favourite Christmas songs.  They help us get into the mood, some remind us of more poignant values around the festive season, others are just wacky and fun to sing along to.  What is clear though, is that rarely does a new Christmas song come […]

28 July

New York to London – photos from the sky!

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New York to London – photos from the sky!

When does your holiday start?  Is it when you’ve unpacked and settle down to relax?  Is it when you’re relaxing on the beach listening the the calm sound of the waves?  Or maybe its when you’ve arrived at the airport and you see the flight as something to be enjoyed? Its with the last scenario […]



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