What’s most important when it comes to wedding planning?

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When you’re planning to get married, you have a general idea of what’s important, but you don’t truly know what to expect about your day.  Friends might inform you of their experience and you gain some insight, but you still haven’t got the true picture for yourself.  This was me 10 months ago, having proposed to my girlfriend (she said yes!) and then planning to get married.  And the most regular piece of advice I received was to get the best quality photographers.  Since I work for Ryan & Sara photography I could be accused of bias.  But as you’ll know, bias tend to go out the window when you are aiming to get the best for your day, you want it to be perfect, you go to every length to ensure your wedding day is as amazing as you can make it.

I got married in June 2016, to my beautiful wife Sarah in the idyllic location of mid-Wales.  We worked so hard to put together the wedding of our dreams.  We were fortunate enough to get married in a beautiful old Baptist Church with our reception in a marquee on the grounds of my Father-in-law’s farm.  Throughout our planning, we paid so much attention to getting exactly what we wanted.  Finding the perfect venue, lining up the caterers that will meet your menu requirements and then making and buying the table decorations to ensure every last detail is covered.

And yet I now sit here having been married a month and I’m so glad I heeded advice from friends as the one thing that I am most excited for is the wedding photos.  I loved our wedding day, seeing everyone and enjoying the wonderful occasion that it is.  But both myself and my wife will reflect and say that we don’t remember that much.  It goes so quickly and you struggle to remember exactly how the day played out.  But the photos, that will help us recollect the moments we had but forgot, and also help us to see those moments we were unable to treasure on the day.

For us, it was such an important investment.  Because the food was enjoyed, but has been and gone, the venue is now packed away and the decorations are in a box in our kitchen.  These were all so vital to the day’s success, but its the photos that encapsulate all these things and help us enjoy our wedding day for many years to come.


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