How do some people always look good on photographs?

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As professional photographers, we get this question or a variation of this question all the time. The truth is you could probably add to the end of it – for most of us – “and how do I do it?”


What we usually tell people is exactly what we’re gonna tell you now.

Headline: It’s all about the jaw!


Probably the most underrated factor whether people look good in a photograph is how clean and crisp their jawline looks (you might start noticing it on pictures now that we’ve drawn your attention to it). Equally true is when you can’t really see your jawline, you have double chins, or the photo is taken from too low an angle, it’s likely to be one that you hate.


Fellow photographer Peter Hurley does an excellent job of explaining this in depth in this fun little video if you have a bit of time:


Ultimately though, it’s always been our experience that you look your best when you feel comfortable and look natural. So, let’s take this for what it is – a potentially helpful little trick to up the number of photos we like of ourselves. It’s not a cardinal rule and it shouldn’t distract from enjoying the moment!